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The Adelante Foundation of Honduras is a micro-credit lending organization that supports women in rural areas of northern Honduras. The Adelante Foundation has been partnering with FAVACA since 2002 and has received 20 volunteers to help improve their microloan program. René Lincona, Executive Director of the foundation sought assistance in overhauling and rewriting their business skills lessons to improve the content and impact for their 5,000 clients. The changes to the business skills lessons will allow the Adelante Foundation to prepare to copyright the materials to either share, distribute, or sell all of the lessons. If they choose to sell their curriculum, this will open a whole new revenue stream leading towards financial stability. Volunteer consultant Lisa Green, of Palm Beach, Florida traveled to Honduras to meet with Adelante’s staff members February 19- March 5, 2009. Green, an ESL teacher and former financial advisor, conducted training sessions with the local staff and observed a monthly regional training for 21 communal educators on microfinance. Green also provided an audit of the methodology, client feedback, efficacy, and ideas for new subject areas. The Foundation has over 5,000 borrowers, boasts a nearly 100% repayment rate, and was selected by the Grameen Foundation USA as one of their replicators, the micro-credit version of the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.


The Discovery School in Tegucigalpa hosted a national education conference November 15-19, 2006 that provided an opportunity to more than 450 K-12 teachers to receive the latest information and materials on teaching techniques and research. Glenn Jones, director at the school and organizer of the conference worked with FAVACA volunteers to focus on presenting practical plans and techniques that could be used immediately by teachers in their classroom throughout Honduras. The training agenda included topics such as assessments, ESOL strategies, positive behavioral supports, team building, science strategies and multiple intelligences. In response to the request for assistance from the Discovery School, the FAVACA training team was made up of multi-disciplinary professionals from the Miami-Dade County Public Schools System that included return volunteers Jill D. Brookner, instructional supervisor and Josefina S. Derby, Staffing Specialist and first time volunteer Rosalia F. Gallo, instructional supervisor. This national conference was of great significance to the Discovery School, FAVACA volunteers and participating teachers because such conference was the only one held in the country of Honduras annually that strived to meet the education needs of the entire community.


The Adelante Foundation of Honduras is a micro-credit lending organization that provides small loans through village level solidarity groups to help the rural poor, primarily women, help themselves. The Foundation provides educational classes to its more than 3,800 hundred clients. Now thanks to a grant from the government of Spain they are launching a program to train specially selected clients to teach course material themselves. This new program required a considerable investment of time to get of the ground and veteran FAVACA volunteer Lisa Green answered the call committing almost four months of service. Lisa Green's credentials reflect the blend of skills and interests that make FAVACA consultants second to none. Ms. Green is a former Merrill Lynch and Company retail broker and has taught financial skills to women to enable them to manage their own portfolios or oversee their brokers. A FAVACA volunteer since 2003, Ms. Green completed her second long term assignment in Honduras, February 8 thru June 1, 2006. The Adelante Foundation boasts a 100% repayment rate and was selected by the Grameen Foundation USA as one of their replicators, the micro-credit version of the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.


Jorge Yanes, Director for the Cuevas de Talgua Parque Arqueologico in Honduras, requested assistance in alternative farming techniques for local farmers whose land surrounds the Honduran National Forest. First-time FAVACA volunteer Philip Myers, Biological Scientist II for Florida's Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Recreation and Parks, conducted the training for local farmers September 4-11, 2005. Myers of Stuart, Florida, identified activities that would improve farmers’ income while being environmentally sensitive to the land. Training was conducted on soil conservation, organic farming, and developing small cooperatives for eco-tourism. Myers provided forestry management for the Peace Corps in Ecuador and was a Rural Development Officer for Concern America in El Salvador.


Jorge Yanes, Director of the Cuevas de Talgua National Archaeological Park near Catacamas, Honduras requested assistance in improving park management to better serve visitors and protect the animal and plant life. The parks caves are believed to be home to the oldest discovered cemetery in Honduras. Yanes sought training for the park staff and the nine local guides. Peter J. Scalco, Tallahassee, of the Florida State Parks within the Department of Environmental Protection, visited Honduras June 5-11, 2005. Scalco assisted in designing emergency exit strategies, creating pathways sensitive to the ecosystem, and overall management strategies to facilitate public awareness and participation.

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