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Dr. Marisol Tromp, Minister of Social Affairs and Infrastructure in Aruba requested FAVA/CA’s assistance in the area of Youth development. The Aruba government has declared 2002 as “Year of the Youth”. The Ministry was interested in holding educational theater workshops for the youth, following the model of the HITT program from the Hippodrome Theatre in Gainesville. Return volunteers from The Hippodrome State Theatre Bonnie Harrison, High Springs, and Mary Hausch, Gainesville, introduced their HITT program to the youth of Aruba November 9-24, 2002. They worked with a group of 25 kids hailing from all areas of the island to develop a final performance piece that they then presented in three performances on two extreme ends of the island to large groups of students. Also present at the performances were the Minister of Social Affairs and Infrastructure and representatives from the media and the community.

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