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FAVACA Teams with Choukoun to Provide Microloans

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FAVACA has teamed up with Choukoun, a micro-business organization aimed to combat poverty, by providing microloans to entrepreneurs creating small businesses aimed to benefit the community of Deschapelles, Haiti. Donations can be made through FAVACA to support the efforts of Choukoun.

A Choukoun in Haitian Creole is literally translated as a thatched roof, usually circular, which is a common gathering place where people meet to discuss important subjects collaboratively.

Choukoun successfully finished their first year of their microloan program. Currently, there are 20 borrowers participating. Once Choukoun has collected the interest payments and repaid loans, the money accumulated will be re-circulated to new borrowers to allow for more community member to participate in the program.

Current Businesses include:

  • 3 woodworkers
  • 2 tailors
  • 2 bicycle/motorcycle repair businesses
  • 2 computer schools
  • 1 day care school
  • 1 poultry farmer
  • 1 beekeeper
  • 1 potter
  • 1 irrigation controller who purchased a generator that pumps water from a well to local canals which can now allows farmers produce crops in the dry season
  • 1 artisan who recycles plastic wrappers to make hand bags
  • 1 agribusiness woman who transforms fruits to makes jams and jellies
  • 1 art dealer who is constructing an art gallery to sell paintings
  • 1 taxi driver- a motorcycle was purchased to use as a taxi
  • 1 copy and print service- a copy machine and generator were purchased to provide the community with their need for printed materials.

To learn more about Choukoun, see their brochure.

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