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Daniel Johnson


Daniel Johnson is a retired civil engineer registered in the State of Michigan as a Professional Engineer and a Professional Surveyor.  A graduate of Michigan State University, Johnson now lives in Kissimmee, Florida.  Johnson, spent 15 years in Municipal Engineering and public works, and 17 years as an engineering consultant.  He has provided 14 years' service as a volunteer with Engineering Ministries International and Global Engineering Ministries.  Johnson served as a FAVACA volunteer in Haiti over the past three years, conducting community electrical and drinking water studies.



FLORIDIAN ASSISTS HAITIAN COMMUNITY TO ACCESS SAFE WATER. Mario Coty, general manager of the Fondation pour le Developpement de Petit-Trou de Nippes (FONDEP) requested FAVACA's technical assistance through the USAID Regional Initiatives Program.  FONDEP, a community development agency sought help to conduct a study on the distribution of potable water in order to improve health and quality of life for the inhabitants of Petit-Trou de Nippes, a village on Haiti's southern peninsula. Veteran volunteer Daniel Johnson, a retired civil engineer from Kissimmee traveled to Haiti September 21-27, 2003, to conduct this mission. 

HAITIAN FOUNDATION WORKS TO RESTORE TOWN SQUARE OF AQUIN.  Dr. Aldy Castor of the Haitian Resource Development Foundation (HRDF) requested follow up for the ongoing community and environmental planning efforts in the town of Aquin, located in the southern peninsula.  The process includes restoration and construction of new infrastructure for the town square.  The goal is to eliminate flooding and provide drainage, street paving, and street lighting. Outstanding volunteer award recipient Dan Johnson, a retired engineer from Kissimmee, traveled to Haiti August 14-20, 2003.  Johnson assisted with the design and budget for the project.  As a result of this mission, city officials will have the initial documents needed to begin the redevelopment of the city's center. 

GROUNDWATER EXPERT CONSULTS WITH COMMUNITY IN SOUTHERN HAITI.  The community of Dubreuil in Southern Haiti requested FAVA/CA's technical assistance in the improvement of a spring capping system.  The objectives were to determine the water pressure, increase the water flow, and to ascertain the size of the pipe necessary to serve surrounding communities, as well as maintaining the potable quality of the water.  Retired engineer and return volunteer Daniel Johnson from Kissimmee, traveled to Dubreuil January 12-19, 2002 to train two local technicians and three committee members in how to perform these duties and gain a better understanding of the aquifer.

NORTHERN TOWN IN HAITI RECEIVES ASSISTANCE IN LOCAL ELECTRICAL SYSTEM PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT. Under an agreement with USAID- HAITI Programs, Florida Volunteer Corps will provide a series of training and technical assistance consultancies in support of USAID-HAITI's REGIONAL INITIATIVES PROGRAM (Cap-Haitien, Jacmel).  A non-profit partnership/management committee made up of local businessmen, clergy and local officials in the municipality of Pilat in Northern Haiti requested technical assistance in the planning and management of the electric system.  Currently the system has approximately 200 homes and businesses connected and utilizes a per-light bulb fee for users.   Volunteer-consultants Daniel Johnson, a civil engineer from Kissimmee, and Norman Budd, a commercial electrician from Smiths Creek, Michigan traveled to Haiti October 20-28, 2001.  In addition to analyzing the current system, they assisted to develop a management plan and strategy for expansion.

TOWN IN NORTHERN HAITI RECEIVES TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE IN WATER MANAGEMENT RESOURCES.  John Stamm, USAID Project Coordinator in Cap-Haitien working in collaboration with FAVA/CA on their Secondary Cities Program requested assistance in local water system planning and management.  The Comite d' Approvisionnement de l'Eau Potable (CAEP) has been experiencing a reduction in their normal water capacity due to recent drought.  Therefore, they cannot provide sufficient water to their communities.  On April 22-28, 2001, volunteer-consultant Dan Johnson, a retired engineer from Kissimmee, conducted an assessment of damaged pipes and drained water supplies.  He then trained 6 of the technical staff in operation, management, and maintenance of the water system.

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