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Nerci Barrera


Nerci Barrera is a teacher assistant at the Mattie Koonce Computer Learning Center in Miami.  Barrera graduated from the Instituto Tepeyac de Cuatitlan Izcalli in Mexico City, Mexico with a degree in Psychology.  After graduation, Barrera received an additional five degrees or certificates in computer science.  As a FAVACA volunteer, Barrera teamed with her husband, Diego Barrera to provide training in computer science in Guatemala in 2001 and Jamaica in 2000.



HUSBAND AND WIFE TEAM PROVIDES COMPUTER INSTRUCTION IN GUATEMALA. The Municipality of Guatemala City created a network of community computer centers, MUNITEC, to offer basic computer skills to young people in marginalized neighborhoods. Now that the program is getting established MUNITEC's director, Sara Urruela, wants to offer courses in more advanced computer applications. Urruela, through contact with the National Cristina Foundation, requested FAVA/CA's assistance to train trainers in several new applications. Volunteer Corps veterans and husband and wife team Diego Barrera Picado and Nerci Brenes de Barrera, Hialeah Gardens, conducted a series of workshops in Guatemala City December 14-21, 2001. The team covered several topics including Internet browsers, Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Dream Weaver, and basic computer repair and maintenance. Both volunteers hail from Central America where they worked as educators. Today Diego works as a Lab Manager at Miami Dade Community College and Nerci is a Customer Services Representative for Financial Recovery, Inc.

JAMAICAN TEACHERS COACHED IN CLASSROOM COMPUTERS. Mineral Heights Primary School in May Pen, Clarendon, Jamaica received a donation of used computers from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and the Florida Department of Banking in February 1998. That year Mineral Heights Primary School began building a new computer laboratory. Principal Henrietta Stewart requested computer training for staff and faculty upon completion of the lab.  The facility was completed in September 2000 and Diego Barrera, instructor and Nerci Barrera, teacher assistant at the Mattie Koonce Computer Learning Center, Miami, traveled to Jamaica January 12-18, 2001, to conduct the training. They trained 40 faculty and staff of the school in basic computer applications and the Internet.

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