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Alan Woolwich


Alan Woolwich received his BA form Central Connecticut State University and EMPA from the University of Hartford.  He is a senior land use planner with the Brevard County Planning and Zoning Office.  Before coming to Brevard County in 2000, Woolwich spent six years with the Florida Department of Community Affairs (DCA), in the Florida Keys.  Druing Hurricane George and Tropical Storm Mitch in 1998 he coordinated field operations.  Woolwich consulted for FAVACA in Haiti in 1998 and 1999, providing expertise on stregthening municipal capacty, coastal development, tourism and fishing.  In 2000 and 2001, Woolwich provided technical assistance in port development and environmental projects for the Haitian Environmental Foundation.  This durable volunteer continued his service in 2002, teaching data collection and mapping of environmental resources for partner organization the Haitian Resource Development Foundation.



HAITI MINISTRY OF TOURISM PLANS TO BOOST TOURISM SECTOR.  The Haitian's Ministry of Tourism requested FAVACA's assistance in finding a qualified volunteer to assist them in developing a regional master plan to exploit tourism destinations, and to describe ways of identifying international partners. On January 13-20, return volunteer Alan Woolwich, of Brevard County and former Senior Planner for the State of Florida Department of Community Affairs, travel to Port-au-Prince to assist in devising this plan. He consulted with several members of keys areas in tourism Development.  The aim of this meeting was to identify their needs and vision for Tourism in their region. Mr. Woolwich also brought ideas on projects for the key tourist regions, identifying and prioritizing their current and long range needs.


GRENADA SEEKS TO REBUILD IN IVAN'S WAKE.  Hurricane Ivan struck Grenada September 7, 2004, as a category 4 storm and caused massive devastation.  As the ‘Spice Isles' begin the process of reconstruction and recovery the Government of Grenada initiated a process to review practices and lessons learned from the storm to help mitigate the effects of future events.  Growth management and building codes are two areas of priority need.  A FAVACA team visited Grenada November 16-20, 2004, with the objective of identifying projects where volunteer technical assistance is most needed.  Veteran volunteer Alan Woolwich, Rockledge, was a key member of the team.   He is a Senior Planner with the Brevard County Planning and Zoning Office.  Woolwich was previously a planner in Monroe County which was heavily impacted by Hurricane Andrew.  Woolwich met with local officials and assessed the current situation, made initial recommendations, and identified areas for future assistance.


ENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING FOCUS OF COLLABORATION WITH THE HAITIAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION.  Dr. Aldy Castor of the Haitian Resource Development Foundation (HRDF) requested FAVACA's technical assistance through the USAID-Haiti Regional Initiatives for the ongoing community and environmental planning efforts in the town of Aquin, located in the southern peninsula.  This request included data collection and mapping of natural resources to determine appropriate development and redevelopment locations.  These maps will be used in future planning and projects that were previously recommended by FAVACA volunteer planners in 2000.  Secondly, a comprehensive videography will be carried out from the marine ecosystem to the highland areas.  These data and materials will be used for further planning, education and fund-raising projects. Return volunteers Tom Jackson, Key West, and Alan Woolwich, Rockledge, were joined by Sheila Mullins, former mayor of Key West, and the team traveled on December 7-15, 2002, to conduct the project.


SOUTHERN HAITI RECEIVES TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE IN PORT DEVELOPMENT.  Ann Hauge, Director of Agrisupply, requested FAVA/CA's assistance to provide technical assistance in port development.  The workshop took place November 7-15, 2000  in St. Louis du Sud, Haiti.  The following topics were covered including: community and coastal planning along with regional planning for airport and seaport development.  Return volunteer-consultant Alan Woolwich of Melbourne, a senior planner in the Brevard County Office of Planning and Zoning, conducted the training.


HAITI RECEIVED FOLLOW-UP COASTAL DEVELOPMENT IN TOURISM TRAINING.  Roger Dunwell with the Haitian Tourism Association working in collaboration with Ann Hauge, director, Agrisupply, both working towards coastal development in the southern region requested follow-up training in the southern region of Haiti on strengthening municipal capacity and promotion of coastal development in tourism. Return volunteers Sheila Mullins, former Mayor, Key West and  Alan Woolwich, State Planner, also from Key West, conducted the training December 8-14, 1999 in the municipalities of Montrouis and  St. Louis du Sud.


HAITIAN LOCAL GOVERNMENTS RECEIVE TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE.  Mayor Joseph Depas of Cabaret and Mayor Simon Lapointe of Anse-A-Galets, Haiti, requested technical assistance in strengthening municipal capacity in promoting economic development in tourism and fishing. Training was provided by Sheila Mullins, mayor of Key West, and Alan Woolwich, planner for the Florida Department of Community Affairs attached to the City of Key West, with whom the Haitian mayors had consulted during their Professional Exchange placement in Key West in May. Valerie Smith, international programs director at Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers, was recruited to address the adopt-a-village and fishing development aspects of the training. Thirty-two individuals from the public and private sector, including mayors, municipal personnel, hotel owners and managers, were trained August 5-9, 1998 in Haiti.


HAITIAN ENVIRONMENTAL FOUNDATION CULTIVATES SKILLS.  The USAID Regional Initiatives Program working in collaboration with the Haitian Environmental Foundation (HEF) requested expertise to develop environmental projects.   HEF's mission is to provide support to the private sector and civil society initiatives as well as to reinforce the Government of Haiti's environmental priorities.  Veteran volunteers Sheila Mullins former Mayor of Key West and Brevard County Planning Office, Senior Planner Alan Woolwich, Melbourne, traveled to Haiti August 2-7, 2001. The pair consulted with 10 members of the HEF team to develop environmental education activities for the country, establish selection criteria for projects, and develop a strong public image.


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