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Yves Serge Joseph


YVES SERGE JOSEPH is computing systems administrator in the Department of Engineering at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton.  Born in Haiti Serge has repeatedly responded to requests for technical assistance from his native land over the years.  In 2000 Serge offered a variety of classes in Jacmel in VISUAL BASIC computer language as well as repairing and assembling PCs.  Mr. Joseph returned to Jacmel in 2001 to work with PAZAPA (from Creole: Step by Step) training in troubleshooting, database creation and management, and the Internet.  PAZAPA is a center providing treatment, education and developmental services for disabled children.  He has consulted with the Ministry of Haitians Living Abroad, and returned to work with PAZAPA again in developing and improving PAZAPA's web page, improving the existing site, updating information and establishing links to other sites.



HAITIAN DISABILITY GROUP UPGRADES WEB SKILLS.  PAZAPA (STEP BY STEP) is a center for disabled children in Jacmel that supports the treatment, education, and development of children with disabilities and integrates them into the community at large.  They also offer a full range of support services reaching even remote areas of the southeast through their Outreach Program. Jane MacRae, administrator at the PAZAPA Center requested assistance via USAID's Regional Initiatives Program to update and improve PAZAPA's web page which was established years ago and had become outdated.    PAZAPA also requested training on web page management. Volunteer-consultant Serge Joseph, computing coordinator at the College of Engineering at Florida Atlantic University  in Boca Raton, worked with PAZAPA staff September 3-8, 2003.  Joseph worked to improve the existing design, update information, and establish links to other sites.  He also recommended equipment needed to complement current PAZAPA resources.  Joseph left the partners with the necessary skills to continue to manage and update the site.  The site can be accessed at or

I.T. WORKSHOPS FOR JACMEL PARTNERS. Several community groups and organizations in Jacmel expressed the need for technical assistance in information technology.  The USAID Regional Initiatives Program Coordinator in Jacmel, Allison Lee,  requested FAVA/CA's assistance to train these groups in basic information technology and computer maintenance.  Volunteer-consultant, Serge Joseph, Boca Raton, conducted workshops in identifying and fixing basic computer problems, database creation and management, and using The Internet for distance learning.  He worked with PAZAPA (from Creole: Step by Step) Handicapped Children's Center, and InfoPlus computer school, among other groups in Jacmel.  In addition, Joseph met with members of the Learnlink Project in both Port au Prince and Jacmel.  Joseph  conducted the training August 5-13, 2001.

JACMEL RECEIVES COMPUTER LANGUAGE TRAINING. Edynell Rodriguez, of XPLORER Publishing in Jacmel, requested FAVA/CA's assistance for their recently opened computer school. The school was opened to offer training in a variety of classes for the community.  They requested training for their staff in VISUAL BASIC computer language, as well as in repairing and assembling PC's. Computer Volunteer Yves Serge Joseph of Boca Raton, Computing Coordinator in the Department of Science and Engineering at Florida Atlantic University, traveled to Jacmel December 7-11, 2000 to conduct the computer language training.


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