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Jonathan Lofgren


Jonathan Lofgren is vice president of PAR Village and Therapeutic Community Campus, Operation PAR, St. Petersburg.  His association with PAR dates back to 1991.  He has served as clinical coordinator, Youthful Offender Treatment Program, Adult Residential Services Administrator.  He has degrees from the University of Minnesota and University of South Florida, and an MS in Community Counseling Psychology from Springfield College, Tampa.   He is the president of the Florida Certification Board, the oversight agency for drug abuse professionals.  Jonathan has consulted on no less than five volunteer missions to Barbados and Grenada.  His specialty in these countries was prison-based rehabilitation, providing guards, probation officers and social workers with  counseling training and helping them establish a drug abuse rehabilitation program. The Inmate Rehabilitation Counseling Program (IDRC) at Glendary Prison has demonstrated an impressive 90 per cent success rate and is being considered for regional applications.  According to Tessa Chaderton-Shaw, manager of the Barbados National Council on Substance Abuse. " This little project driven by volunteers is now a core component of the prison's overall rehabilitation effort."   Jonathan has been a FAVACA volunteer since 1996.



BARBADOS PRISONERS RESPOND POSITIVELY TO DRUG REHAB PROGRAM.  The rehabilitation of incarcerated drug users is an important step toward reducing substance abuse at a national level.  Over six years ago Tessa Chaderton-Shaw, manager of the Barbados National Council on Substance Abuse (NCSA) recognized this reality and sought to initiate a program within the prison system.  FAVACA responded in 1998 and 2000 with technical assistance to help establish the Inmate Drug Rehabilitation Counseling Program (IDRC) at Glendary Prison.  Recently, Chaderton-Shaw requested follow-up in the form of an independent evaluation of the IDRC.  Veteran volunteer Jonathan Lofgren, vice president, Operation PAR in St. Petersburg, was one of the first volunteers to work with the IDRC and NCSA.  Lofgren returned to Barbados July 4-13, 2004, to conduct the evaluation and staff training.  Lofgren conducted a series of consultations including a SWOT Analysis with program staff.  In general he found the program running well and having a positive impact on the prison environment.  His recommendations include continuing development of record management systems, expanding services to include aftercare for prisoners who complete the program, developing a comprehensive quality improvement and evaluation program, and improving coordination of community services for inmates who have completed their sentence.  Lofgren also conducted a half-day continuing education workshop for over 60 NCSA staff and volunteers that covered the latest information on addictions, counseling, research and prevention.  Operation PAR is a therapeutic village offering treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

BARBADOS IMPROVES PRISON DRUG REHABILITATION PROGRAM. Tessa Chaderton-Shaw, manager of the Barbados National Council on Substance Abuse, requested follow-up training for the prison drug rehabilitation program initiated in 1998 by Jonathan Lofgren, regional administrator, adult justice and residential services, Operation PAR Inc., Therapeutic Community in Largo.  Lofgren conducted the follow-up with Dr. Katurah Jenkins-Hall, psychologist and associate clinical professor, University of South Florida, June 23-July 4, 2002.  Lofgren and Jenkins-Hall trained various levels of prison staff, and met with prison administration to train them on the program and their role and mandate, evaluations needed to conduct school-based programs, community-based interventions, public relations efforts, and in-house counseling.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE FOLLOW-UP TRAINING IN BARBADOS. In 1998 Corps volunteer Jonathan Lofgren worked with counterparts at the Barbados National Council on Substance Abuse to design their prison drug rehabilitation team. Lofgren returned to the island nation May 3-10, 2000, at the request of the Council, to train 25 new staff and volunteers in addiction, substance abuse and pharmacology. Lofgren is the Regional Administrator of Adult Justice and Residential Services for Operation PAR in St. Petersburg.  While in Barbados, he also consulted with prison officials and participated in a national health fair.  National Council director Tessa Chaderton-Shaw described the visit as "a smashing success."

BARBADOS SUBSTANCE ABUSE AGENCY EXAMINES RECOVERY PROGRAM IN PRISONS. Tessa Chaderton Shaw, Manager of the National Council on Substance Abuse (NCSA), hosted consultants Jonathan Lofgren of Operation PAR in Largo, Florida and Mark Fontaine, Executive Director of the Florida Juvenile Justice Association August 23-September 3, 1998.  The pair focused on comprehensive substance abuse counseling for prison guards. Additionally the consultants investigated the need for a system model for Barbados.  Fontaine joined Lofgren August 31-September 1, 1998 for the consultation.  The United States Information Service (USIS) - Barbados provided financial support for this project as part of a wider regional effort to fight drug abuse.

GRENADA JUSTICE SYSTEM PERSONNEL COPE WITH DRUG OFFENDERS. Grenada prison guards, probation and parole staff and social workers received training in counseling and management of drug clients February 17-23, 1996.  The training was at the request of the National Council on Drug Avoidance.  Volunteers were Operation PAR staff Bob Griffin and Jonathan Lofgren.  PAR is a Clearwater, Florida drug treatment program.  Griffin and Lofgren trained guards to identify substance abuse as well as to identify ways to help inmates with addiction problems.

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