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Neville Graham


Neville Graham is an admissions advisor at Kaplan University. During his 11-year career at the Associated Marine Institutes, Mr. Graham was instrumental in establishing an agri­cultural program and taught delin­quent juveniles the rudiments of planting and animal husbandry. The success of his athletic students also gained the Institutes' notoriety. As director of a juvenile program, he reached out to the community to change the public's perception of juvenile delinquency. Mr. Graham's FAVACA missions took him to Granada where he delivered a juve­nile delinquency workshop in part­nership with the local police depart­ment. In his most recent mission to St. Lucia, he helped local communi­ty leaders identify, intervene and counsel people affected by societal criminal activity. He earned his Diploma in Agricultural Science from the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic in Barbados and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Kaplan University. His success in the juvenile justice field and community involvement has earned him several awards and recognitions.



ST. LUCIA YOUTH RECEIVED ANGER MANAGEMENT AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION TRAINING. Chriselda Branford, Director of St. Lucia Junior Pride requested FAVACA's assistance to provide Conflict Resolution and Anger Management training to youth.  Members of St. Lucia Junior Pride, youth from the Boy's Training Center and from several schools were invited to participate.  The aim of Junior Pride is to rehabilitate and re-educate youth and provide them a place to learn life skills and pro-social habits.  Return volunteer Neville Graham of Lake Placid, Florida, traveled to St. Lucia April 16-24, 2006 and conducted the training sessions for 55 individuals.  Graham is a native of Barbados and former executive director of the Florida Environmental Institute where he gained extensive experience working with troubled youth. He currently works with the Florida Civil Commitment Center.

GRENADA MINISTRY OF SOCIAL SERVICES TO ESTABLISH JUVENILE DETENTION CENTER.  Clement Francis, chief welfare officer with Grenada's Ministry of Housing, Social Services, Culture and Cooperatives requested training for staff of a Juvenile Detention Center to be established next year.  At present, there is no facility to rehabilitate and re-educate juveniles who have come into conflict with the law.  At present, the judicial officers see the only alternatives as sending them to prison with the hardened criminals or letting them back out onto the streets.  The Ministry is keen on establishing a home where they can be sent to be taught life skills and pro-social habits.  Currently there are no persons formally trained to run such a facility, although there are several homes for children who have been abused.   Volunteer consultant Neville Graham, Venus, provided training and consultations May 14-22, 2004 for 35 local officials.  Graham, a native of Barbados, works with juvenile offender at the Last Chance Ranch a program of the Florida Environmental Institute.  Graham worked closely with newly appointed Superintendent Roy Raymond.

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