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Janet Dilling


Janet Dilling is the Director of the Florida Public Affairs Center, the Center for Disaster Risk Policy and the Emergency Management Graduate and Undergraduate Certificate Program, all at Florida State University. She specializes in the fields of emergency management, knowledge management and organizational development. With FAVACA, Ms. Dilling assisted the University of Belize develop an emergency and continuity of operations plan to be implemented after disastrous events. In 2006, her desire to contin­ue to volunteer took her to a remote community in the Green Hills of the Blue Mountains in Jamaica where she helped facilitate a disaster response plan and implemented a recovery process exercise.



DISASTER MANAGEMENT IN THE BLUE MOUNTAINS OF JAMAICA.  Ava-Gail Gardner, Director of the Cascade Citizens Association (CCA), contacted FAVACA about the local community's most pressing disaster mitigation needs.  FAVACA sent veteran volunteers Audrey Heffron and Janet Dilling, both of Tallahassee, February 4-11, 2006 to train nearly 40 members of the CCA in areas such as: stakeholder's assessment, creating partnerships, disaster risk, community resource and assets, gap analysis, and design of disaster management and mitigation plans.  CCA was established to promote the sustainability and development of the Cascade Community.  Since 1999 Janet Dilling has been the Director of the Florida Public Affairs Center/Center for Disaster Risk Policy, and the Director of the Emergency Management Certificate Program at the Askew School of Public Administration and Policy, Florida State University, where she is also a visiting professor within the department.  Audrey Heffron is Director of Business Operations at the Florida Public Affairs Center, Adjunct Instructor of Emergency Management Risk Communication courses at FSU and the former Disaster Field Training Office Team Leader for FEMA.

BUSINESS CONTINUATION PLAN DEVELOPED FOR UNIVERSITY OF BELIZE.  Janet Dilling - Director, Florida Public Affairs Center, Audrey Heffron - Director of Business Operations, Florida Public Affairs Center and Robert McDaniel - Assistant Director, Florida Public Affairs Center traveled to Belize February 6-11, 2002 to: Discuss the need and benefits of an emergency Plan for the University of Belize, Facilitate information-gathering from Belize national and local emergency management organizations, Analyze and assimilate information into a working draft Emergency Plan, and deliver the draft plan to Belize University officials for further information-gathering and implementation.  As a result of the consultation, Belize University has a "University of Belize Business Continuation Plan"  with recommended timelines and process for involving all relevant national and local counterparts.


Janet Dilling  the Director of Florida Public Affairs Center, Audrey Heffron, the Director of Business Operations at the Florida Public Affairs Center and Robert McDaniel, the Assistant Director of the Florida Public Affairs Center traveled to Belize October 11 - 16, 2001 to observe the country's and university's response and recovery for Hurricane Iris.  The volunteers assisted with the recovery action by university staff and students in San Antonio, the largest Mayan village in Belize.  While in Belize, they met with key staff regarding current status of Emergency Planning for the University and developed recommendations for the design and development of a university Emergency Plan. The visit, especially timed during recovery from Hurricane Iris, proved invaluable for laying the ground work for improving emergency planning processes and procedures for the University of Belize.

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