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Dr. Donna Goldstein


Dr. Donna Goldstein of Hollywood, Florida is the Director of World Arts Now, a nonprofit organization which creates cultural and educational programs for schools, libraries, and communities.  She is also the founder of Development Associates International which provides business development seminars to small and large businesses.  Dr. Goldstein worked with women handicraft entrepreneurs who were showing their wares at a national Haitian art exposé where she established a strong relationship with several FAVACA partners.  Her consultations focused on product improvement, wholesale pricing, e-commerce, and a variety of other resources to help improve their exposure to international markets.   After her return she hosted two of the entrepreneurs in her home to enable them to attend and show at the Sister Cities Conference in Ft. Lauderdale.  Goldstein, affectionately known as Dr. Donna, continued to provide one-on-one follow-up training for Bèl Zeb which has lead to several profitable contracts for the Haitian producer of essential oils and soaps.  Dr. Goldstein holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Psychology and a Post-Masters degree in Organizational Development.  She received her Doctorate in Adult Education/Human Resource Development with a cross-cultural focus from Florida International University.



FEMMES EN DEMOCRATIE RECEIVES A PROMOTIONAL LIFT FROM FAVACA.  Femmes en Democratie participated in the 51st Annual International Sister Cities Convention located at the Broward County Convention Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  The international conference took place from July 17-21, 2007 and featured over 3,000 exhibitors from all across the world.  Simone Ambroise, former sales manager at Aid to Artisans in Haiti opened a new store entitled "The Artisans Place" which allows artists from throughout the country to display their items for sale.  The Artisans Place is working to become an interface between Haiti's best artisans and the local and international market which is one reason Femmes en Democratie elected Ambroise to represent their organization.  Murielle Leconte is a designer, stylist, and painter who has been in business for more than 17 and has participated in more than 40 international exhibitions.  Her company PDG Murielle Creations creates a variety of art such as painted clothes, hand bags, painted glass, jewels, as well as helping to create costumes for Haitian Carnival and Haitian Cinema.  Murielle Creations has been a member of Femmes en Democratie for over four years and they hope to contribute to the process of promoting Haitians in the international art scene.  Ambroise and Leconte participated in the international marketplace which showcases international vendors who are there to show their items, sell their products/services and to promote their organization and mission. Exhibitors who participated in this forum were in the fields of Economic Development, Sustainable Development, World Education, Arts, Culture, Specialty Foods, Imports/Exports, Humanitarian Efforts, Environmental Awareness, Technology, and several other sectors.  While in Florida, former volunteer Dr. Donna Goldstein of Worlds Art Now is a nonprofit organization in Plantation, Florida which was developed to create cultural and educational programs to schools, libraries, and communities.  Dr. Donna was able to help Ambroise and Leconte set up their exhibit and provide a familiar face while at the exhibit.  Another vendor from Haiti and Femmes en Democratie member, Bel Zeb also participated in the event.  Due to their participation at the Sister Cities Conference, Bel Zeb has gotten "Fruit and Spice Park" as a client and all of their products will be sold at their Bed and Breakfast which is a major tourist desination in Homestead, Florida.  While at the event, Leconte and Ambroise were able to meet diplomats from all over the world and to make key networking connections which may lead to possible new clients.


FEMMES EN DEMOCRATIE ENHANCE ART EXPOSE  Femmes en Democratie, Women in Democracy, held their 4th annual art expose May 4-6, 2007 at the Karibe Convention Center in Petion-Ville, Haiti to help the Femmes en Democratie women's group increase their exposure to American and international markets.  Art wholesalers and retail buyers as well as several media outlets media partake in this event.  FAVACA helped to support 11 volunteers from the State of Florida and New York to attend this three day expose and were able to provide training to sixty (60) women vendors who had their wares displayed for sale.  All of the volunteers were able to talk with the vendors to provide information on what American markets are looking for from Caribbean artists.  Consultations focused on product improvement, wholesale pricing, e-commerce, and a variety of other resources to help improve their exposure to international markets.  Approximately 7,000 people attended the expose. 

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