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John Daigle


John Daigle of Tallahassee, Florida is the former Executive Director of the Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association where he served for more than 30 years.  He has volunteered with FAVACA on eleven separate occasions since 1987, most recently providing training and technical assistance in drug abuse prevention and treatment for government drug control bureaus and nonprofit organizations in Antigua, St Kitts & Nevis, Dominica, St. Lucia, Grenada, and Barbados in June of 2007.  With more than 35 years of experience in the addiction treatment and prevention field, both at the community level in program development and leadership, as well as at the state and national level, in advocacy and public policy development his volunteer service has been a valuable asset to FAVACA.   Mr. Daigle went above and beyond the call upon returning to Florida maintaining contact with partner organizations and sourcing much needed resource materials for all six drug control bureaus he visited.



EASTERN CARIBBEAN NATIONAL DRUG COUNCILS SEEK REGIONAL SOLUTION.  National Drug Council professionals in six countries received consultation and materials on US best practices in the area of substance abuse prevention and treatment as well as drug and HIV/AIDS issues. Charged with gathering information on training and technical assistance needs in the areas of substance abuse prevention and treatment past Executive Director of the Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association, John Daigle of Tallahassee traveled June 11-22, 2007.  Daigle provided an assessment of existing programs and discussed with key stakeholders training and technical assistance needs relevant to drug prevention and treatment. Focal points and common areas of need identified included: substance abuse prevention programs for teachers, youth leaders, school counselors, families, and prison officers; skills development for program evaluation, progress, and impact; treatment planning, relapse prevention, intervention, statistical analysis, and grant writing.

ST. LUCIA DRUG ABUSE SECRETARIAT SEEKS NATIONAL STRATEGY.  Director Carol Mondesir of the National Drug Advisory Secretariat requests assistance in developing national plans for drug abuse prevention in schools, programs in drug rehabilitation, and mobilizing parents and community groups.  John Daigle, long-time volunteer and executive director of the Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association, consulted with Ms. Mondesir May 3-7, 1999 in Castries.

BARBADOS NATIONAL DRUG COUNCIL FOCUSES ON PROJECT MANAGEMENT SKILLS.  National Council on Substance Abuse Executive Director Tessa Chaderton-Shaw requested training for project staff.  Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association Executive Director John Daigle, Tallahassee, and Grove Counseling Center Executive Director Larry Visser, Longwood, FL, conducted the training October 29-November 7, 1997.   Project staff training focused on skills needed to develop a clear vision for the project,  a clear definition of the target group, and how to develop a business plan and project budget.

DRUG ABUSE, DISASTER PREPAREDNESS VOLUNTEERS IN HAITI. September 27-30, 1995, John Daigle, Executive Director of the Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association and Dr. Bruce Gould, of Florida State University and the Department of Health & Rehabilitative Services, conferred with Pierre Denizé, director of APAAC, Haiti's principal drug abuse treatment program in Port-au-Prince and with "Capitaine Meteo," television meteorologist and disaster coordinator, to plan future training in these topics. Also in Haiti were Governor's Special Advisor Mark Schlakman, with David Pasquarelli and Dave Schmeling. On October 2, Schlakman and Pasquarelli briefed Prime Minister Smarck Michel, United Nations Commander, General Joseph Kinser, and U.S Ambassador William Swing on FAVA/CA progress.

May 1-3, 1994. David Pasquarelli participated in the opening of the regional Community Development Workshop and presented a semiannual review of the Drug Abuse Prevention and Education Project funded by USAID-Barbados. The workshop received high praise from USAID and Partners. FAVA/CA trainers at the event included: Joe Citro, Tampa; Betsy Folk, Orlando; and Mark Fontaine from Tallahassee.  John Daigle, Executive Director of the Florida Alcohol & Drug Abuse Association. Mark Fontaine, also of FADAA, followed the workshop with a six-country mission to identify Partners trainees for courses in Florida.

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