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Designing the Image, Creating the Brand!

Nicaragua’s expanding beef and dairy markets receive an image makeover as part of their promotional strategy. Professor Eddy A. Lopez of Miami University travelled to Nicaragua to design the brand identity and consult in the promotional campaign development of the National Dairy Forum, the National Livestock Congress, and the first Central American Congress on Beef.

The scope of this ambitious design project included: “logos, banners, advertisements, stationary and other collateral” (Lopez). These efforts aim to improve the “professional visual presence” of these industries as well as develop an infrastructure that will facilitate future development of marketing and promotional materials. The hope is that these new images for the organizations become recognizable branding tools in the national and international market as these industries expand. As the design work continues in Miami and in Nicaragua, much more needs to be done in the field or development and funding for the maintenance and continued innovation in the promotion of Beef and Dairy industries in Nicaragua.

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