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Organic Inputs Improved in Jamaica


Going organic! Farmers in Jamaica develop creative strategies to deal with organically approved input shortages in the area: “Jamaican farmers who desire to produce organic crops have very little access to approvedorganic inputs.” Ron Juftes, an Organic Inputs Specialist volunteer, traveled through several farms to discover that Jamaican farmers are developing innovative solutions for these shortages.

Farmers have created a number of organic pesticides including a solution of Dr. Bonner castile soap mixed with garlic, hot peppers, thyme, and onion to deal with caterpillars, apple cider vinegar and baking soda for fungicides, and salt, white lime and cornmeal for slugs. Ron Juftes also made several recommendations for making these organic solutions even more effective, like adding rosemary to the castile soap, garlic, hot peppers, and thyme mix, using kaolin clay spray, and utilizing insect netting to protect produce from bugs. Ultimately, the farmers want to see and would fervently support an organic input supplier in their area that would provide them with seedling, liquid fertilizers, and pesticide control methods.
In the mean time, creativity reigns.

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