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Organic Farming Integral Part of One One Coco Curriculum

To further develop the One One Coco Farm School, the Source Farm Foundation requested the assistance of a volunteer to teach organic farming basics, with skills organizing group activities for hands-on education and training and working knowledge of a broad range of organic farming. Because farmers attending One-One Coco did not have a defined base level of farming or organic practices, a basic level of knowledge had to be established.
To meet this need, FAVACA recruited Sydney Klein, an Agricultural Outreach Coordinator for the Polk County, North Carolina Office of Agricultural and Economic Development. Klein has experience with local organic gardening initiatives and has served with AmeriCorps in the field of organic farming. She designed and taught classes ranging from 'Soil 101' to 'Crop Research and Planning'.
Throughout the classes, Klein took her students to visit the farms of past graduates of the One One Coco School, where they were able to observe the potential benefits and growth that could be attained following graduation from the School. While on their visits, the students took part in demonstrations and activities that reinforced their classroom lectures. In total, Klein facilitated growth in understanding for soil management, crop management, watering systems, crop budgeting, and marketing. We can't wait to see how these new graduates bring this knowledge to the local farming community in St. Thomas Parish! 
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