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Permaculture Expert Teaches at One One Coco

The Source Farm Foundation hosts the annual One One Coco Organic Agriculture School every February. This year, a volunteer was requested to teach Permaculture methods to the students, who were aspiring organic growers from the area of St. Thomas Parish. The volunteer was expected to provide technical assistance in drought-resistant agricultural methods, earthworks for hillside farming, surface water management, erosion control, and low-flow irrigation systems design.

With the assistance of JSFE Program Coordinator Chuck Marsh, FAVACA recruited Jeremiah Kidd to serve in this role. Kidd is the founder of San Isidro Permaculture, a design and implementation firm operating in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He has experience in implementing holistic strategies for agricultural production in places such as Africa and Southeast Asia, as well as a history of involvement with domestic organic growing projects.

In Jamaica, Kidd taught two weeks of classes at One One Coco. Apart from classroom lecture, presentations, and discussions he also facilitated daily practicum projects and two field trips: one to observe an organic agro-forestry system, and one to visit a candy factory, coconut oil production facility, and frozen juice factory. He led discussions about how farmers could develop strategies that would increase added value to their crops. The modules dealing with soil dynamics and erosion saw each student give presentations and practice real-world soil analysis (pictured above). The classes were made up of 11 men and 3 women.

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