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Alternative Feed for Rural Chicken Farmers

The organization Royal Palm requested FAVACA's aid to identify a volunteer with expertise and knowledge of innovative vermiculture strategies. The high cost of chicken feed is detrimental and unsustainable for Haitian chicken farmers and Royal Palm's chicken project. Thus FAVACA sent Patryk Battle, Director of and Lead Educator of the non-profit Living Web Farms, to evaluate available resources and organizations, and to determine practical solutions to alleviate current obstacles.

From September 7 - 19, 2014, Patryk Battle met with non-profit organizations and farmers to assess the current state of chicken farming and feeding sources, and to provide training to individuals on vermiculture innovations. Mr. Battle provided documentation for bettering the current management of Royal Palm’s chicken project, and sustainable vermiculture alternatives. After meeting with farmers and several heads of non-profit organizations like SOIL (Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods), Smallholders Alliance, and SAKALA, Mr. Battle led workshops and created demonstrations. His advice on composting, and the use of soldier flies and worms for chicken feed, will be a multivalent solution for a number of problems that plague Haitian farmers.

Ultimately, Mr. Battle proposes a plan to combine innovative soil building techniques to ultimately reduce the cost of chicken feeding that will simultaneously increase bird health and egg quality. His assessment of the Royal Palm’s chicken project and his collaboration with Haitian farmers and non-governmental organizations like SAKALA and SOIL give him an optimistic outlook for Haitian agriculture.

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