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University Studios

University Studios -- Applying student professional skills to development problems

Agro-Tourism. Florida State University urban planning professor and former Corps volunteer, Rebecca Miles, has mobilized second-year graduate planning students in response to a request from IICA-St. Lucia and Black Bay Small Farmers Association for the development of an agrotourism development plan.

Economic Development. Florida State University Masters planning students, as part of their professional studio planning course, assisted officials of San Antonio Rio Hondo in drafting an economic development plan for this Orange Walk District village.

Architecture. Florida A & M University professor and architect LaVerne Wells-Bowie, and Masters candidate, LaTanya Simms, worked with the rural village of Bluefields, Jamaica, on a community development project, focusing on indigenous architecture and community-based planning.

Historic Restoration. LaVerne Wells-Bowie, professor of Architecture at FAMU, worked with Jamaican architect, Patricia Green, on plans to restore historic Spanish Town. The city is seen as having great potential as a tourist destination.

Beautiful Basseterre. As a class project, Florida A & M University professor and architect, LaVerne Wells-Bowie, with architecture design students, created renderings and options for new facades for downtown Basseterre, St. Kitts. Washington, D.C. Planning Commission head, Tersh Boasberg, and international lawyer, Elwin Griffith, also consulted with the St. Kitts Chamber of Commerce Beautiful Basseterre Committee to draft historic preservation guidelines and laws. Florida's Mukti Fund provided financial support for the project.

Recording Arts. A recording team from the Florida State University School of Motion Picture, Television and Recording Arts captured over 20 musical groups and individual performers on digital recordings in Kingston as part of the "Great Jamaica Music Project." Compact Discs (CDs) are sold by Jamaica senior citizens groups to produce income for elder projects in Jamaica. The students were led by FSU distinguished professor in residence and Oscar-winning sound designer, Richard Portman.

Landscape Architecture. Advanced students in landscape architecture at Florida A & M University designed gardens for historic Romney Manor in St. Kitts, and the St. Thomas Hotel.

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