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Increasing Quality and Shelf Life of Yogurt in Nicaragua


The Farmer-to-Farmer Livestock Marketing Project spanning five years from 2013 to 2018 aims to increase access to meat and milk products to various markets, and to provide technical assistance in certification processes, manufacturing of products, and marketing. The company Cooproleche in Nueva Guinea, El Triunfo, Nicaragua sought FAVACA for assistance in improving the quality and shelf life of their yogurt products. Ohio State University Professor Melvin Pascall, who has produced academic scholarship in this field, took two trips this year to Nicaragua from September 7 - 14, and September 28 - October 5.

As a technical volunteer, Dr. Pascall familiarized himself with the management team, production facilities, testing laboratory, and warehouse. He presented the management team with different types of yogurt brands and packaging types common in the United States based on the company's available resources and current trends in yogurt processing and packaging. Dr. Pascall also conducted a workshop to train employees on microbiological testing of milk and yogurt for yeast and molds, aerobic bacteria plate count, and coli form testing.

He visited the San Francisco Cooperative located in Camopa to present options for producing and marketing new products. While there, he recommended techniques for improving the shelf life of Quesillo, one of the cooperative's existing products. From his service, he left a report of recommendations to improve the shelf life of Cooproleche's products, and provided steps for improving this local company's production of safer and longer-lasting yogurt products.

The Farmer-to-Farmer initiative is funded by the United States Agency of International Development. The result of this project is due to the collaboration of this grant and Partners of the Americas.

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