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Lory Servil

Lory Servil of Deerfield Beach, Florida is a registered nurse and trauma counselor. Following the January 12 2010 earthquake, Ms. Servil immediately responded to the crisis providing urgent care to the critically wounded as she uniquely combined the skills of a registered nurse and trauma counselor, providing psychological and physical care to those in most need. She utilized her nursing experience and native Haitian Creole language skills to support the efforts of the United Nations, Relief International, Bread for the Poor, and the Children’s Kingdom Orphanage. Through FAVACA’s Haiti Recovery Program, she was able to spend two weeks providing medical care and emotional comfort to patients. Ms. Servil returned in March 2010 in response to a request from Hosean International Ministries, which was housing hundreds of displaced victims from Port-au-Prince many of whom were experiencing post-traumatic stress. Focus was given to coping mechanisms for trauma experienced during the earthquake and to help children cope with the loss of family and friends. Ms. Servil also volunteered in 2008 providing counseling for 300 Haitians affected by the hurricanes and floods that devastated the population of Gonaives.



Following the January 12th earthquake in Haiti, Hosean International Ministries (HIM) opened their complex in Pignon to house, feed, and educate over 350 people seeking refuge from the disaster. While many of the initial needs of the people were being met, founder of HIM Caleb Lucien noticed that many of the refugees especially the youth were potentially suffering from post traumatic stress. In 2008 after four hurricanes devastated the town of Gonaives, Lucien requested FAVACA's assistance in providing trauma counselors to work with Haitians who had lost their homes, friends and families. Seeing similar reactions in and around the camp, Lucien contacted FAVACA to request counselors to work with the refugees now living in the camp. Two recovery teams of three Haitian-American trauma counselors agreed to volunteer their expertise and work with many of the youth living in the HIM compound. FAVACA volunteers Lory Servil, Deerfield Beach, Natacha Jean-Francois, Miami, and Hardy Nicoleau, Loxahatchee, traveled to Haiti February 21- March 1. The group provided group therapy and some individual counseling primarily to youth in the camp.

Following up on the work of the first team of counselors, Nikcy Clervil of Jacksonville, Florida, Tania Delinois, Ft. Lauderdale, and Danielle Romer, Miami, traveled March 1- March 8 to work with youth that were not able to be seen by the first group of counselors and to work with a few kids designed by the first group to need additional counseling. The teams of counselors were able to provide coping mechanisms for the trauma experienced during the earthquake and to help children deal with the loss of family and friends. The teams recommended a full time counselor to be assigned to the camp because additional sessions will be needed by the youth to increase their coping skills. Additionally, the teams recommended HIM to implement more activities such as sports, movies and crafts to occupy the children and not allow them as much time to focus on the negative experiences they have witnessed.


Following the devastating January 12th earthquake, veteran FAVACA volunteer Lory Servil, North Miami, provided her psychiatric nurse experience to benefit numerous domestic and international organizations providing care to the injured. Supporting the efforts of the United Nations, Relief International, Bread for the Poor, and the Children's Kingdom Orphanage, she spent two weeks providing urgent medical care for the critically wounded and assisting with infection control and the emotional comfort of patients. As a Haitian Creole speaker, Servil also helped assess damaged medical facilities with Relief International including the General Hospital, Hospital Saint Francois de Sales, and a dozen other hospitals and medical facilities. Servil traveled to Haiti January 17-February 1, 2010. This project was made possible due to donations from our generous supporters.


Hosean International Ministries in Pignon, Haiti has been actively involved in the relief effort from hurricanes Gustave, Fay, Hannah, and Ike by providing much needed relief supplies to those areas that have been most affected by the four hurricanes that have devastated the country in 2008. Although Hosean International Ministries has been able to provide supplies there was a noticeable need in some of the population who were exhibiting signs of post-traumatic stress disorder (PSD) due to the tragic losses each person has faced due to the storms. Many of those exhibiting signs of PSD were children who were unable to attend school due to the trauma they have suffered. In order to help with the psychosocial stress, Hosean International Ministries' country director Caleb Lucien requested FAVACA's help in sourcing several counselors to travel to affected regions of the country to provide trauma counseling to storm victims. Four Haitian-American counselors traveled to Haiti December 26-31, 2008 to work with families and children in Gonaives to relieve the fears and stress caused from the storms. Israel Francois, from Margate, Florida, Tania Delinois, from Coconut Creek, Florida, Nikcy Clervil from Jacksonville, Florida and Lory Servil, from Deerfield Beach, Florida provided counseling for 300 Haitians in Gonaives, Haiti. The team of counselors was able to diagnose several individuals and families who need follow up trauma counseling within the coming months. With the help and support of the four volunteers, Lucien will be working on a proposal from international donors that would seek to provide long term training for community leaders and school teachers to provide counseling to their various constituencies.

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