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Tourism has been an economic stable for much of the Caribbean. Competition for tourists, in particular repeat visitors, is especially dire during economically hard times. Like much of the Caribbean, Anguilla is dependent on the hospitality and tourism sector for much of their economy activity. The country offers a variety of food services from casual to fine dining; however, most persons in the food service industry have been promoted to supervisory positions based on their technical skills rather than their leadership abilities. Hoping to change this trend, the Anguilla Community College's Director of Hospitality Studies, Sharon Richardson reached out to FAVACA to provide a training to complement the technical skills of supervisors while enhancing their leadership capabilities.  FAVACA veteran volunteer Dr. Joseph West, Former Dean and Professor at Florida International University's School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, traveled to the Valley, Anguilla from October 8-16, 2011 to provide a training course to twelve supervisors on basic concepts of leadership and leadership behavior. West was able to stress the importance of effective communication and the need to motivate employees. Upon the conclusion of the training, participants felt that due to the training they will be able to develop more effective departments, have greater efficiency and increased productivity.   

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