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Fostering Women’s Empowerment in Colombia

The Florida Association for Volunteer Action in the Caribbean and Americas (FAVACA) launched a professional exchange program between the Florida and Colombia that will give civil society and government leaders from underserved communities in Colombia the knowledge and tools to build leadership capacity, address their communities’ needs and improve opportunities for women. The program will provide hands-on experience in areas such as organizational strengthening, community advocacy, and training in gang and human trafficking prevention, criminal and drug rehabilitation, job creation, and community leadership.

FAVACA together with its Colombian partners will recruit 24 Colombian professionals, mostly women from indigenous and Afro-descendant communities. They will be hosted by organizations throughout Florida to participate in five-week apprenticeships to learn techniques to strengthen their organizations and build leadership skills. The Colombian participants will also have the opportunity to network with and receive technical assistance from 18 Floridians that travel to Colombia as part of the 18 month professional exchange program.

FAVACA will help the participating professionals gain knowledge of up-to-date practices and techniques utilized in their fields, explore principles of good governance in public and civil society institutions as well as gain a deeper understanding of their counterparts’ society and culture. The program will not only share professional expertise and ways in which a strong civil society can encourage positive change in communities, but also promote mutual understanding and lasting beneficial partnerships.

Click here to visit the Colombia Exchange Program page.  

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This program is supported by a grant from the U.S. Department of States, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Office of Citizen Exchanges.
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