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Seniors in Service Overseas

Physical Therapy. The Guatemala Chapter of Alzheimer's International co-sponsored training in occupational and recreational therapy for group home staff who serve many patients with Alzheimer's disease. Guatemalan-born Miami physical therapist, Javier Castillo of Miami, and occupational therapist, Milagos Pinal of Pompano Beach, conducted the training in Guatemala City.

Residential Staff Training. Staff of eight public geriatric homes in Grenada received refresher training on the aging process in general, and Alzheimer's disease specifically. Consultants Sharon Cohen, R.N. with Geriatric Care Management in Aventura, and Kate Callahan, R.N. with the Huntington Consulting Group, conducted the training.

Income Projects. The Jamaica National Council for Senior Citizens requested an income producing project to benefit elder programs in Jamaica. The project selected, called the "Great Jamaica Music Project," produced a Compact Disc (CD) of folk tales and songs by Jamaican senior performers. The recording is sold by Jamaican senior citizens to support elder programs. A music-video was also produced to promote sales of the CD.

Alzheimer's. In order to better equip Panamanian physicians to diagnose, treat and care for Alzheimer's patients and the elderly, Dr. Cecilia Donderis L., president of the Panama Geriatric Association, sponsored training in gerontology and Alzheimer's issues. The event was held at the First National Congress on Geriatrics and Gerontology in Panama City. FAVACA volunteer Dr. Jose Orcasita Ng, geriatric physician from the Miami Alzheimer's Association, and volunteer Dr. Cecilia Deidan, a neuro-psychologist, provided training in neuropsychological evaluations, diagnostic costs, and how to care for elderly and Alzheimer's patients.

Needs Assessment. Max Rothman and Burton Dunlop, professors at the Southeast Florida Center on Aging at Florida International University in Miami, participating under a grant from the Claude Pepper Foundation, designed a national elder needs assessment at the invitation of the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Abuse Prevention. Florida Adult Protective Services Administrator Chris Shoemaker consulted with the Government of Antigua and Barbuda, Ministry of Home Affairs, July 7-14, 1999 and conducted two workshops on prevention of elder abuse for supervisors and caregivers.

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