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Women's Leadership

Small Business. At the request of Celeste Matute, director of A-Metas, a consulting firm that works with PVOs (private voluntary organizations) in Honduras, Bruce and Elizabeth "Tad" Lansdale provided marketing training for 45 handicraft business operators in Honduras. The Lansdales trained artisans (who are also the business owners) in planning, organization, leadership, controls and adjustments. Trainees included representatives of 35 rural micro-enterprises producing agricultural, agro-industrial and handicraft products.

Team-Building. The Antigua Directorate of Women's Affairs hosted training for 18 Soroptimist members and other professional women in team-building, teamwork, communication, interpersonal skills and human relations. An additional workshop was conducted for women from 30 government and non-governmental organizations focusing on obstacles to employment, skills training, and women's rights. Veteran volunteer, Fred Seamon, MGT of America, Tallahassee, and Rosezetta Bobo, executive director of Gateway to Womanhood, Tallahassee, delivered the workshops to the enthusiastic participants.

Quality. Dr. Richard Matthews, professor at the University of Florida's Food Science and Human Nutrition Department, consulted with a women's cooperative in La Esperanza, Honduras, to improve quality of jams and jellies. The request was made by the Honduran Foundation for Agricultural Research.

Community Policing. Assistant superintendent of Police Chriselda Branford hosted Lt. Michael Colombo and Michael Lindsey, of the Miami Police Department, for a series of seminars on community policing and problem solving. Over 70 officers of the Royal St. Lucia Police Force participated. Lt. Colombo is a member of the Community Policing Division and Mr. Lindsey is a victims advocate with the Domestic Violence Unit.

Empowerment. Haiti's Office of Training and Assistance for Women (COFAL) conducted a "Voices of Women for Leadership" workshop in Port-au-Prince, which promoted the emergence and development of women leaders. Corps Volunteers were Marleine Bastien, clinical social worker at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami; Nancy Young, director of the Small Business Development Center at Florida Atlantic University College of Business; Leonie Hermantin, director of Economic Development, Haitian American Foundation, Inc.; and Marie-Jose Ledan, Breast Cancer Program Coordinator, Haitian Women of Miami (FANM). The participants developed strategies for broadening women's participation in social, political, legal and economic life in Haiti.

Violence Prevention. Rosalyn Hazelle, Director of Women's Affairs in St. Kitt, coordinated follow-up training in domestic violence prevention for an interdisciplinary workshop. Hazelle brought together a wide variety of community members to discuss tackling the issue. Debbie Kleinman Robinson, of the Florida Task Force on Domestic Violence Fatality Prevention, Tallahassee, was the team leader.

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