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Health & Social Partners

Developmentally Disabled Children. The Challenor School, run by the Barbados Association for Mentally Retarded Children (BAMRC), provided training for its teachers on using computers in the classroom. Tallahasseans Charles Kimber and Kathy Mitton conducted the training. Mr. Kimber is sssistant secretary for Developmental Services for the Florida Department of Children and Families. Ms. Mitton is director of LifeLinks, a day program for persons with developmental disabilities.

HIV/AIDS. The Dominican Republic's health education program, Fundacion Genesis, received technical assistance and consultation from University of South Florida professor, Dr. Wayne Westhoff, who conducted a satellite distance learning program for counselors in the Caribbean and Central America.

Rural Health Response. Nicarguan-born Miami physician, Dr. Raúl Lagos Armas, traveled to the Estelí region of his home country to plan for training of Ministry of Health rural health care providers. This project is part of an ongoing collaboration between FAVACA and the United States Southern Command's Humanitarian Assistance Program.

Prison Counseling. The Barbados Council on Substance Abuse hosted consultants Jonathan Lofgren, of Operation PAR, a leading drug treatment program in Largo, Florida, and Mark Fontaine, executive director of the Florida Juvenile Justice Association recommend a comprehensive substance abuse counseling program for prison guards. Additionally, the consultants investigated the need for a system model for Barbados.

Tobacco Education, Cancer Screening. Marie C. Brutus, general secretary of the Haitian Society of Oncology (SHONC) conducted training on tobacco and its links to cancer, breast cancer and cancer of the uterus screening with FAVACA volunteer, Dr. Michelle Edouard, who is program manager for Dade County (Miami) Department of Health/Health Promotion.

Disabilities Advocacy. An ambitious agenda was accomplished as the Trinidad's Port of Spain Rotary, Disabled People's International, FAVACA and other interests hosted the Second Annual Trinidad and Tobago Disability Conference. Volunteers Terri Chester-Davis, Dade County Public Schools; Patricia Erwin, D/SAIL, Miami; Judith Brotman of Boca Raton; Beth Joy Kofsky, Florida Alliance for Assistive Services; and disabilities consultant, Bill Twomey, conducted workshops at the conference.

Pedestrian Safety. Pedestrians, motor vehicles and traffic officers face great risks in the streets of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, due to poorly understood traffic laws and lack of pedestrian education. José Fernández, President of Bloque de Usuarios y Consumidores, hosted a workshop that exposed participants to pedestrian rights and safety in Santo Domingo. Beatriz Caicedo-Maddison, Florida Department of Transportation, and Dan Burden, from Walkable Communities Inc., conducted the training.

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