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Disaster Management

Rural Health Response. Nicarguan-born Miami physician, Dr. Raúl Lagos Armas, traveled to the Estelí region of his home country to plan for training of Ministry of Health rural health care providers. This project is part of an ongoing collaboration between FAVACA and the U.S. Southern Command's Humanitarian Assistance Program. Transportation. In the aftermath of Hurricane Mitch, the Center for Community Development (CEDECO) in Puerto Cortés, Nicaragua, sought engineering assistance in developing a project proposal for rebuilding and paving roads destroyed by the storm. Florida Department of Transportation engineer George Cole, conducted field work and participated in community meetings.

National Emergency Plan. Dr. Yolene Surena, director, Haiti Bureau of Civil Protection, hosted training for Bureau emergency planners to develop a national emergency management plan. John Fleming, senior analyst, and Julie Collins, planning manager, both with the Florida Division of Emergency Management, conducted the training. The plan included all sectors involved in emergency management: police, fire, airport, public health, public works, social affairs, Red Cross and others. The training focused on disaster preparedness, risk reduction, meteorology and public information.

Public Education, Emotional Recovery. Dr. Ada Rivera, director of Preventative Medicine and Epidemiology, at the Social Security Hospital in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, received technical assistance from Sherri Porcelain, director, and Maria Elena Villar, senior research associate, Disaster Research Program Field Epidemiology Survey, University of Miami School of Medicine, in field testing a coloring book for children victimized by Hurricane Mitch. The book focuses on the rebuilding of lives, community health and safety.

Emergency Communications. Marc Roger, FAVACA's former international programs manager and former emergency planner with the Florida Department of Community Affairs, John Fleming, of Florida's Department of Emergency Management, and Bill Mickler, of Bobby Allison Systems, Inc., trained 17 participants in Haiti on all aspects of emergency communications. Mickler's company donated 2 satellite telephone units and a weather-satellite information receiver to the Ministry of the Interior. Mr. Roger's timing could not have been better. He remained in Haiti to conduct on-site disaster management training during the hurricane season.

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