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About our Programs

FAVACA’s unique standing as the only state-wide volunteer corps of its kind in the nation is not the only thing that sets it apart. The heart and soul of the organization is its wide range of programs available and the special volunteers that make it all possible.

Volunteerism through FAVACA has become a vital tool in creating lasting relationships between Florida and the rest of the region. The relationships that spawn as a result of FAVACA’s programs mean the betterment of health, trade, agriculture, environmental, and social and economic conditions in the region.
All programs are completely request-driven and reactionary to the needs and issues as expressed by prospective in-country partners. This provides FAVACA with the luxury of being able to put on numerous small-scale programs with a large-scale immediate impact and effectiveness.

All programs are tediously evaluated by staff, volunteers, and host organizations to assure that FAVACA projects continue to be recognized in the region as synonymous with the highest level of excellence, helpfulness, and sustainability that partners throughout the region have come to expect.


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For information on a specific project, program or further information, please contact us.

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