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Disaster Management

Rural Health Response. Nicarguan-born Miami physician, Dr. Raúl Lagos Armas, traveled to the Estelí region of his home country to plan for training of Ministry of Health rural health care providers. This project is part of an ongoing collaboration between FAVACA and the U.S. Southern Command's Humanitarian Assistance Program. Transportation. In the aftermath of Hurricane Mitch, the Center for Community Development (CEDECO) in Puerto Cortés, Nicaragua, sought engineering assistance in developing a project proposal for rebuilding and paving roads destroyed by the storm. Florida Department of Transportation engineer George Cole, conducted field work and participated in community meetings.


Sometimes words are not enough. By following the link below you will be entering FAVACA’s virtual multimedia gallery and you will have the opportunity to view photographs from our projects, as well as audio and video files about FAVACA and our history. Enjoy!

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