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Caribbean Disaster Recovery

On behalf of the FAVACA Board of Directors, the thousands of
volunteers who have served, and our local partners overseas, we wish to convey
our deepest sympathies and wishes for strength in the coming weeks and
months.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Organic Inputs Improved in Jamaica


Going organic! Farmers in Jamaica develop creative strategies to deal with organically approved input shortages in the area: “Jamaican farmers who desire to produce organic crops have very little access to approvedorganic inputs.” Ron Juftes, an Organic Inputs Specialist volunteer, traveled through several farms to discover that Jamaican farmers are developing innovative solutions for these shortages.

Organizational Development and Meeting Management Skills Taught to Jamaican Organic Farmers


Jamaican organic farming and farmers organizations have long suffered from poor organizational development and meeting management skills. It became apparent to JSFEP Jamaican partner, the Source Farm Foundation, in their interactions with farmer groups and Jamaican organic agriculture groups that organizational management and development was a critical limiting factor in the growth of sustainable and organic farm enterprises in country. This volunteer request was intended to begin addressing this real world need for organizational tools and skill development.

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